The video for “Corazón”, T-Stone’s new single, is available

The young Guadeloupean singer Stéphane Phobere, better known as T-Stone, whom we have already introduced to you, has just released “Corazón” (Heart). It’s a Chabine Prod production.


This new track is about love, a theme that the artist has exploited in his previous hits. We remember “Fwisoné” with LaRose, “Million” or “Loco”

Despite the title in Spanish, the song is performed in French by T-Stone who turns into a seducer to conquer a beautiful young woman : “Give me your snap it’s square / Baby you’re beautiful and you’re hot”, he tells her. Part of the clip was shot in the city of Pointe-à-Pitre : the artist makes us discover the narrow alleys bordered by small wooden houses where few people pass by today, the views filmed with a drone show us, among other things, traditional Creole architecture and modern architecture.

As for the music, it’s a mix of RnB and zouk, that swings well at the end of the track…