Eddy Herrera and Sergio Vargas join forces “En dos tonos, boleros y merengue”

This coming October 2 at Escenario 360.

Fans of the music of Eddy Herrera and Sergio Vargas will have a main course on October 2 at the concert “En dos tonos, boleros y merengue” where these two great artists will offer the best of their repertoires.

Under the production of Ramses Peralta, the audience will be able to sing, dance and enjoy the performance of “El galán del merengue” and “El negrito de Villa”, in a welcoming and safe atmosphere, such as Escenario 360, starting at 8:30 pm.

With hits such as “Tu eres ajena”, “Pégame tu vicio”, “Ahora soy yo”, “Sombras”, “Tu voz”, among others, Eddy will delight the audience as well as Sergio with his arsenal of great songs such as : “Vete y dile”, “Ni tu ni yo”, “Dile”, “Como un bolero”, “Y no me importa” and many more.

“Good music never goes out of fashion and this is precisely what characterises these two greats of merengue and bolero. I know that bringing them together in the same concert is something that fans of both will enjoy, both have some of the richest repertoires and this concert will not be wasted”, said the producer.

Tickets are already on sale at Supermercados Nacional, Uepa Tickets, Jumbo and Escenario 360.