Zeo Muñoz 0

Zeo Muñoz presents exquisite concert at Escenario 360

2 September 2019

“Teatralmente” had as guests Wason Brazoban, Pamel, Marola and El Sujeto. The songwriter Zeo Muñoz gave a special night to his audience in his concert “Teatralmente” at Escenario 360. There, with the best repertoire, he […]

Robert Thimodent 02

Bob Thimo invites us to his “Bananas Party”

27 August 2019

Best known as a photographer in Guadeloupe, Robert “Bob” Thimodent is also a singer-songwriter. His first album, “Bobohkay” which has 9 tracks was released in 2015 and it is still relevant today. The artist whose […]

Kalakaswé Jean-Marc Ferdinand 0

Jean-Marc Ferdinand made his “Kalakaswé”

16 August 2019

After being the guest of “Career of artists: Traces and Genesis” on Saturday, August 3 then in concert with his band K’Koustik on Saturday, August 10, singer, musician, dancer and choreographer Jean-Marc Ferdinand, from the […]