417,619 people came to the International Book Fair held at Fort San Carlos de La Cabaña in Havana.

A literary party arrives in Havana and travels through Cuba

11 March 2020

Havana received another edition of the International Book Fair, this time dedicated to Vietnamese literature and to Cuban writers Ana Cairo and Eugenio Hernández Espinosa. Considered one of the nation’s most popular and important events, the […]

Havana's 500th Anniversary Show

The first 500 years of Havana

5 March 2020

In November 2019, Havana celebrated its 500th anniversary with great fanfare. A look back at the festivities, the renovation work carried out and the challenges that await the capital of Cuba. Talking about Havana and […]

Kemay 0

“J’suis piqué” is Kemay’s new song

4 March 2020

After his last single “Sikan” released in 2018, Guadeloupean singer Mike Dahomay aka Kemay is preparing to launch this March 6 the song “J’suis piqué” with its clip. The idea to write this new song […]