“Gobierno Urbano” program ranks among the most popular in the Dominican Republic

With an innovative and original content, the program “El Gobierno Urbano” (The Urban Government), now in its third year, is positioned as one of the most popular programs in traditional media as well as in digital platforms.

Hosted by Humberto Vásquez “El Braylin”, David Rafael Abreu Tejeda “Drat” and Jhonny Manuel Manuel Jiménez “Chema”, the program has become an important base for the urban genre, as the production prioritizes the support of new talents and highlights the most established ones.

“El Gobierno Urbano”, is in charge of communicating, debating, commenting, analyzing, creating content in an ethical and professional manner, about daily events and the local and international urban movement. They also have stood out for creating trends and making viral content that others then reproduce.

“The vision of this project is to collaborate in the development of the urban movement, in an impartial and objective manner, so that listeners and viewers are educated and learn about the latest news of the movement and its figures, in addition to developing professionals of this movement through this important platform and that the Dominican Republic continues to be a springboard for growth for all”, said Humberto, who is also the producer of the program.

Among the new features of the infrastructure, two new positions will be added, one exclusively for “El Gobierno Urbano” and the other to produce content for new urban communicators.

The program is broadcast Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Exitos 90.5 FM in Santiago and throughout the Cibao, on television through TV Exitos HD channel 51 nationwide and on YouTube.