“Rip’Art” wants to promote art in Anse-Bertrand

On Saturday, October 12, the “Rip’Art” association participates in the agricultural market entitled “Art Gri Culture” and on Saturday, October 26, it organizes an open house of its house-workshop located at Delgrès Street in Anse-Bertrand. A large public from the town but also the region of North Grande-Terre is expected.

Collectif Rip'Art 3

After living in Pointe-à-Pitre and working in its studio in Les Abymes, the collective “Rip’Art” composed of Guadeloupean Félie-Line Lucol and Martinican Patrice Léopoldie settled, just over a year ago, in Anse-Bertrand. So, by taking this decision, Félie-Line is nearer her parents’ house who live in this town of North Grande-Terre but with Patrice, they also wanted to bring their artistic talent in this region of Guadeloupe which needs to be more developed.

The two artists who took part last June in the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe (the largest visual arts show on the island) and who are well-known for their works of art from recycled objects, appreciate the quiet place that is very conducive to creation. So they put down their suitcases in a house in the town centre that they are renovating to make it a place where they will live, a place where they will create and a place where the public will come to meet them, see their works and buy them.

Collectif Rip'Art 9

Art Gri Culture and an open day

On Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at 7, Delgrès Street, the members of “Rip’Art” will organize an open day. During this meeting, they will present their project to the people who live in Anse-Bertrand, collect their opinions and their expectations in the artistic field. Visitors will also see an exhibition of works by the two artists.

Before, that is to say on Saturday, October 12, from 8:00 am, “Rip Art” will participate in a rather original event on the town square of Anse-Bertrand where art will mix with agriculture. Its name: Art Gri Culture. During this agricultural market organized by the municipality and the Association de producteurs agricoles ansois (AP2A) on the occasion of the patronal feast, the crowd will already discover artistic decorations and installations imagined by Félie-Line Lucol and Patrice Léopoldie in the context of waste recovery. Other participants will propose various activities such as the making of brooms or vermicomposting…

The collective “Rip’Art” wants to promote the town of Anse-Bertrand but also the surrounding towns through its artistic creations.