Guadeloupe hosts the 1st edition of “the Intangible Cultural Heritage Days”

From May 20 to 22, 2019, the first edition of “the Intangible Cultural Heritage Days in the Caribbean and Guiana” will be held in Guadeloupe.

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This event is organized by the Association du patrimoine vivant de Marie-Galante in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and the Centre Rèpriz.

During these three days, about twenty persons in charge of culture in Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guaiana – with the participation of a representative of the islands of Dominica and Réunion – will discuss several themes among which: safeguarding and transmission of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) with the screening of the documentary entitled “Gwoka-la Linèsko, jou mékrèdi lasa” telling the inscription of Gwoka music on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at UNESCO, on November 26, 2014 ; development of the tourist attractiveness through the intangible cultural heritage with the presentation and visit of La Grivelière House located at Verte Vallée in the town of Vieux-Habitants ; or the presentation of the project of the Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Guadeloupe.

The objectives of these days are, among others, making the public aware of the intangible cultural heritage specificities and specifying a method to safeguard, enhance and transfer the ICH in the French Caribbean and Guiana.

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9:00 am : Welcome at Arawak Hotel (Le Gosier)

10:00-11:45 am : Introductory lectures

Opening of the “ICH Days in the Caribbean and Guiana”, Georges Brédent, President of the Culture Commission of the Guadeloupe Region

“The UNESCO Convention and the ICH Policy : institutional framework and operational implementation in France and French Overseas”

Thomas Mouzard, project leader, Ministry of Culture

“ICH : notion of the developing cultural landscape”

Florence Pizzorni, general curator of heritage at the Ministry of Overseas

2:00 pm-3:45 pm : Round-table discussion n°1: “Safeguarding and transfering the intangible cultural heritage : the overseas context”

There are many initiatives that aim to safeguard and enhance the ICH in the French Caribbean and Guiana. What skills are affected by these initiatives ? How are their roles defined and are they complementary? Local authorities, associations, cultural actors will share their methodological and collaborative experiences.

Discussion chair : Nathalie Erny, consultant book, reading, languages in France and person in charge of the ICH, DRAC of Guadeloupe

Contributors :

– Patrick Solvet, founder member of Centre Rèpriz, (Guadeloupe)

– Hubert Godefroy, Ecomuseum of Murat (Marie-Galante)

– Jean-Paul Fereira, Pays d’Art et d’Histoire of Awala Yalimapo, (French Guiana)

– Gregory Rabbes, cultural attaché, storyteller (Dominica)

– Raymonde Torin, teacher and member of the association Kamodjaka (Guadeloupe)

– Florence Pizzorni, general curator of heritage

5:00 pm : Screening of the documentary “Gwoka-la Linèsko, jou mèkrédi-lasa”

Documentary telling the inscription of Gwoka on the representative list of the ICH of Humanity.

Debate, questions and answers presented by Patrick Solvet, founder member of Centre Rèpriz and Gabriel Mugerin, vice president of Centre Rèpriz

18:00 pm : Discussion with the audience and conclusions


9:30 am-10:00 am : Presentation and visit of La Grivelière House in Verte Vallée, Vieux-Habitants

10:30 am-1:00 pm : Round-table discussion n°2: “Developing tourist attractiveness through the ICH”

The valorization of the Overseas ICH contributes to the attractiveness of these territories and contributes to the development of a quality cultural tourism offer. This approach takes into account both cultural and economic dimensions related to these heritages. How to promote “responsible use” of the ICH for tourism purposes? These issues will be debated at this round-table.

Discussion chair : Bruno Kissoun, departmental head of Heritage, Regional Council of Guadeloupe

Contributors :

– Maurice Anselme, director of the Guadeloupe National Park

– Yann Monplaisir, 1st vice-president of the Territorial Authorities of Martinique

– Pierre Sainte-Luce, Manioukani group (Guadeloupe)

– Jean-Pierre Fereira, Mayor of Awali Alymapo (Guiana)

– Gérard Berry, founder member of La Grivelière House (Guadeloupe)

– Éric Alendroit, project leader and referent of the ICH to the Regional Council of La Reunion

2:00 pm : Sharing of experiences

“Tourist valorization of the ICH in the French Caribbean and Guiana: what constructive cooperation between public and private actors?”

Discussion with participants

4:00 pm : Conclusions

5:00 pm : Closing remarks, Georges Brédent, president of the Culture Commission in the Regional Council of Guadeloupe


8:30 am : Reception of the participants at the Memorial ACTe (Pointe-à-Pitre)

9:00 am-10:00 am : Presentation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory Project in Guadeloupe

Pierre-Gil Flory, interim director, DAC Guadeloupe

10:00 am-12:00 pm : “Making an inventory of intangible cultural heritage : Understanding the principles, building the method”

Led by the General management of Heritage at the Ministry of Culture ; this group of engineering projects dedicated to the ICH will clarify the conditions of application of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of ICH in the specific contexts of the French overseas : objectives, implementation and methodology of the ICH inventory.

Contributors :

– Thomas Mouzard, anthropology and ICH project leader, Ministry of Culture

– Céline Frémaux, culture and human sciences project leader, Amazonian Park of Guiana

12:00 pm : “ICH networks : interlocutors and actors at the Caribbean level”

Contributors : (to be confirmed)

12:30 pm : Questions / Answers

2:00 pm : Sharing and feedback

Territorial dynamic and presentation of participative inventory projects in the Caribbean and Guiana. How to contribute?

Contributors :

– Marie-Line Dahomay, Caraïbe media library (LAMÉCA)

– Daniel Silvestre, local coordinator at the National Park of Guadeloupe

– Jean-Pierre Sainton, professor of contemporary history at the Université des Antilles

5:30 pm : Evaluation of the training

6:00 pm : Closing of the 1st edition of “the ICH Days in the Caribbean and Guiana”

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