Composer Cesar David Castro, creator of Yiyo Sarante’s unreleased hits celebrates “Mi Todo”

He has four nominations in three categories of the 2024 Soberano awards.

Salsa “Mi todo” by Yiyo Sarante, joins the portfolio of successful creations by composer Cesar David Castro, (CDK), who is celebrating his four nominations for the 2024 Soberano Awards.

With more than 27 million views on YouTube “Mi Todo” is nominated as “Song of the Year” in the important Dominican awards, positioning Castro as one of the great Dominican composers on the rise.

“Nine years ago I started my career professionally as a composer; Joe Verás is who motivates me and who recorded my first song titled ‘Cuando llegaste a mi vida’, so I am eternally grateful to the master for being my propellant”, said CDK.

And the fact is that the pen of this composer from Cevicos, Cotuí, with each song he writes becomes more refined and salsa and bachata have been his favorite muses.

In the “Bachata of the Year” category, the author competes with “Mujer sin Alma” by El Chaval Ft Luis Miguel del Amargue and “Me dió pa’ llamarte” by Allendy, as well as in the “Composer of the Year” category.

“Other hits that I wrote the lyrics include ‘Dile a tu marido’, ‘Me Voy para la calle’ both for Yiyo, as well as ‘Te Puedes quedar’ by El Chaval, among others”, he stressed.

Writing for international artists is also one of his great goals.

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