Sergio Vargas and Fernando Villalona together at Hard Rock Live

Sergio Vargas and Fernando Villalona

They will be in concert this Friday, November 29.

Sergio Vargas and Fernando Villalona, two of the greats of merengue, come together to bring their music to the audience that will attend the concert offered this Friday, November 29 at Hard Rock Live, on a special night where there will be the great successes of yesterday and today which made these singers part of the Dominican favorites.

Merengue is the ideal genre to dance for the Dominicans and more at Christmas, a time when the vacilón does not stop and more when the party includes the best of the repertoire of “El negrito de Villa”, who will delight the audience with successes such as “Ni tu ni yo”, “Dile”, “La quiero a morir”, “Te va doler”, among others.

Under the production of Ramses Peralta, Villalona will go on stage to sing “Déjame volver”, “Tabaco y ron”, “Confundido”, “Compañera”, “Penélope” and more. Both artists own two of the richest and most varied repertoires, where ballads and boleros also shine.

“We are already at Christmas and people are eager to go out and enjoy good music and share in a safe environment and that is precisely what we are offering with this show where we join two of the favorites: Fernando and Sergio”, Peralta said.

Tickets to enjoy this concert are sold at Uepa Tickets, CNN, Jumbo, Nacional Supermarkets and the Hard Rock Live ticket office, at a cost of RD$ 4,500 Special Guest, RD$ 3,250 VIP and RD$ 2,200 General.