Eddy Herrera returns to Jet Set after the success of “Si yo se lo pido”

To celebrate the success of his latest production “Aquí estoy” and the transcendence of the single “Si yo se lo pido”, Eddy Herrera arrived on Monday, June 13 at Jet Set with a great concert where the merenguero performed his hits, from 9:00 pm.

“Si yo se lo pido”, continues to sound strongly on radio stations not only in the country, but also in other places such as Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, United States, Venezuela, Peru and other countries that “El galán del merengue” has visited recently.

“What’s happening with this song is impressive. Shortly after its release it has become the favorite of my shows and, on the radio and digital platforms it is rising sharply”, said Eddy.

The lyrics by author Martín De León y Herrera, the arrangements and production also by Eddy and his orchestra, are designed so that anyone looking for a merengue with taste and good rhythm, will enjoy it from beginning to end.

This single went viral recently, after at one of the weddings that Eddy entertained, one of the guests went up on stage while Herrera performed this song and the Korean danced gracefully to the catchy song, while the merenguero encouraged them to continue enjoying it.