“6.4”, the physical album by bassist Thierry Fanfant is released this June 21

Renowned Guadeloupean bassist chose a symbolic date – June 21, Fête de la Musique – to release his 5th album, “6.4”.


After “Intimes” (2005), “Simé Lanmou” (2001), “Frères” (2014), and “Chanté Mizik” (2017), Thierry Fanfant returns with “6.4”. The artist describes this new production as a “return to the roots”, symbolized by the presence of the traditional Guadeloupean instrument par excellence, the ka. Through this drum, invented by African slaves, the musician not only wants to pay tribute to those slaves, but also to all the people who have marked its history, by making it resonate in various places in Guadeloupe and elsewhere in the world.

“6.4” is “a journey through different musical worlds, skilfully combining jazz, funk and touches of world music, all supported by Thierry Fanfant technical mastery and sensitivity”. “6.4” is not just an album, it’s “an immersive experience”, where each note played by the artist “seems to tell a story, inviting the listener on an emotional and melodic journey”, reads the opus presentation.

Thierry Fanfant surrounded himself with more than a dozen talented musicians during the recording of “6.4”, including : Yoann Danier: ka, drums; Franck Woest: Rhodes piano; Arnaud Dolmen: ka; Mino Cinélu: percussion; Jean-Philippe Grivallier: tanbou belè; Christophe Cravero: violin; Dédé St Prix: flute, percussion; Jean-Philippe Fanfant: drums; Pascal Danae: dobro guitar, accordion; Philippe Slominski: flugelhorn; Christophe Cravero: violin; David Fackeure: piano and Mario Canonge: piano.

Thierry Fanfant comes from a family of musicians over several generations, and made his first stage appearances as a bass player (self-taught) in his parents’ orchestra at the age of 12. A few years later, he studied bass and double bass. The artist has collaborated with numerous French, Caribbean, American, Japanese, Brazilian, African musicians and bands on over 1,700 albums. He has also composed the music for several documentaries and fiction films. Since 2018, he has been teaching at the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood in France.

Thierry Fanfant – “Fond Laugier”