Oscar de León: “Claims of superiority must disappear; Stars are in the sky”

The legendary Venezuelan salsero Oscar de León

The Venezuelan was interviewed on the digital program “El Show de Silvio”.

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Upon reaching 50 years of successful artistic career, the legendary Venezuelan salsero Oscar de León refuses to be called a “star” after assuring that “the stars are in the sky”.

“Here we are human beings and we have to step where it is, not higher or lower, but at ground level”, he said.

When interviewed on the program “El Show de Silvio”, hosted and produced by merenguero Silvio Mora, he considered that the claims of superiority should disappear.

However, the world-famous singer-songwriter acknowledged that he did not escape the damage caused by success, but that he still remains active because he came to his senses in time.

Silvio Mora

He spoke in tears details of his beginnings in music, he said that artists must be authentic.

Moreover, Oscar de León said that merengue was part of his musical history and recalled that in his early days he included one on every album he produced.

He recalled that thanks to the Dominicans he entered New York as “a great artist”, because it was in the Dominican Republic that he grew musically.

“There is a lot of Oscar de León’s roots in the Dominican people and vice versa”, the Venezuelan emphasized.