Caribulles is looking for young comic-book creators

Talented young people interested in participating in this 11th edition of the comic book creation competition have until June 30, 2022 to submit their application.

Caribulles 1

Launched in 1990, “Karibulles, Salon Guadeloupéen de la BD”(Karibulles, Guadeloupean Comic Book Fair) has become 20 years later “Caribulles, le Festival Caribéen de la BB, du Manga et de l’Album de jeunesse” (Caribulles, the Caribbean comic book, manga and Children’s picture book Festival).

For this year 2022, which marks the 11th edition of the Caribulles comic book creation competition, the organizers have chosen “Music and Comics” as their theme and they certainly hope to receive some quality drawings.

“Our main objective has been to contribute to the emergence in our country of new talents in the field of comics and graphic arts. It is for this purpose that at each edition of the Festival, Team Caribulles invited schoolchildren and non-schoolchildren to send us their creations through the “Young Comic Book Creators’ Competition”. Over the years, according to the themes proposed during the “Caribulles Competition”, there have been very beautiful things, because in the field of comics and graphic arts, the talents are legion in our country. Each year the winners of this competition have been invited to attend the International Comic Strip Festival held in Angoulême in January and meet the elite of comic artists”, explains Danaïka Zandronis, the Festival’s director, in a press release.

Young talents wishing to participate in the Comic strip creation competition have until 30 June 2022 to register on the festival’s website or by e-mail at