“Oh mi Dios”, the message of encouragement by Eddy Herrera

Inspired by the current situation in the world, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, singer Eddy Herrera has written the first song of his career completely dedicated to God under the title of “Oh mi Dios”.

“Oh mi Dios” will be released this Tuesday April 28 with an audiovisual no more and no less produced entirely by his daughters Laura Herrera, Gaby Herrera as well as his wife and manager Martha Hererra. 

This new song is very special for several reasons. The first one because it is a song whose lyrics were created in an organic way without being planned, as a special request and praise to the Lord, because it is also the first time that Eddy involves himself fully in the production, direction, composition and arrangement of a song together with his family. Since the beginning of his independent career, Herrera has always been the general producer of all his songs, but this time, he has involved his family.

“In my nearly seven weeks of experience with this quarantine period generated by the pandemic, I have repeatedly felt the desire and inspiration to write songs, make music and other details. Our divine Jesus touched me so that I could write a song, which I did, and I did all this with my wife Martha and daughters. “Oh Mi Dios” is a gift for all my followers throughout Latin America and I hope they receive it with all our faithful devotion”, said the merenguero.

Today, Tuesday, is the launch of “Oh mi Dios” on the YouTube channel at 8:00 pm, and it will be broadcasted in all the country’s radio stations, while next Friday, May 1, it will be released in all the digital platforms. Mixing and mastering were made by the outstanding producer Moisés Sánchez.

Eddy Herrera 3