Eddy Herrera presents “Aquí Estoy”, the musical production that represents the constancy of his career

Composed of eight tracks, singer Eddy Herrera presents his latest musical production, entitled “Aquí Estoy”, where “El galán del merengue” once again demonstrates his potential as a composer and his commitment to quality, by producing this album with great professionals.

In search of diverse sounds, Herrera created “Aquí Estoy” with important and outstanding musical producers and arrangers of the Dominican Republic such as Junior Cabrera, Edwin García, Moisés Sánchez, Isaías Leclerc, Francis Enmanuel Contreras (Dary Darys), Juan Daniel Montero and Eddy himself with his orchestra, from which came “Y cómo te olvido”, “Bla bla bla”, “Cómo iba a saber”, “Adicto a ti”, “Te lo pido mi amor”, “A beber”, “Nadie como tú” and the hit “Si yo se lo pido”, which is the first promotional track of this new album.

“With this new album I especially want to show that, even if the situation in the last two years in terms of work, economy and health has been devastating for everyone, however, I remain firm and standing, working even harder than usual”, explained the singer-songwriter.

Eddy Herrera 2

And as Eddy always strives to excel in each production, in this album he worked on the mixes with the outstanding and experienced mixing engineer and musician Allan Leschhorn, winner of more than 14 Latin Grammy awards, who has worked with prominent national and international artists. Outstanding Boris Milán, also winner of 8 Latin Grammy Awards, more than 30 nominations and 3 Grammy Award nominations, was in charge of mastering the complete album and mixed the track “Y cómo te olvido”.

“I understand that this record will mark interesting things in this year and the years to come. Having the professionalism, talent and experience of producers, musicians, composers, mixing and mastering engineers was more than a real pleasure, it was an honour. I hope everyone likes it and long live merengue”, said Herrera, who also thanked his friends and great composers for their talent, such as Giordano Morel, Martín De León, René Solís, Luis A. Herrera, Jorge A. Herrera, César Brizuela, Ernesto Díaz (EL Duende), Enghel Mata and Valerio De León.