Triumphant return to Guadeloupe for Arnaud Dolmen, “Prix Révélation des Victoires du Jazz 2022”

On June 30, the Guadeloupean Arnaud Dolmen was honored with the “Révélation des Victoires du Jazz 2022” award, in Juan-Les-Pins, in the southeast of France. The native of the town of Sainte-Anne became the first native of the French Overseas Territories to win this prestigious distinction, launched by the French association “Les Victoires de la Musique”, created in June 1985.

This Tuesday, August 2, the drummer and composer who lives in Paris since 2009 was back on his island and his relatives and friends had organized a triumphant welcome for him at the Pôle Caraïbe airport. Dozens of people had responded to this call to welcome the winner as it should be and say thank you.

All smiles, the musician seemed delighted with this celebration, he did not miss to show his trophy and to sit in front of the traditional Ka drum to make it resound, applauded by the crowd. Note that before Jazz, Arnaud Dolmen was immersed in Gwoka from the age of 5, being one of the students of Georges Troupé, saxophonist and founder of the first Gwoka school in 1984, the Atelier Marcel Lollia.

Arnaud Dolmen has kept this Gwoka influence in his two albums : Tonbé Lévé (2017) and Adjusting (2022). He is one of the most popular artists of his generation. Concerts are already planned until June 2023…