Cultural Spaces Foundation: closing of the creative literature workshop-course

Sixty teachers from the areas of Spanish language, social sciences and arts education participated in the creative literature workshop-course

The Fundación Espacios Culturales and the Instituto Nacional de Formación y Capacitación de Magisterio (National Institute for Teacher Education and Training – INAFOCAM), a specialized agency of the Ministry of Education, under the direction of Professor Andrés de las Mercedes, closed, on June 13, the fourth version of the Creative Literature Workshop-course.

Curso-Taller de Literatura Creativa 1

The course started in the premises of the Instituto Superior de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda (ISESP), and only two of the six programmed sessions were held.

When the pandemic arrived, both institutions decided to give continuity to this workshop-course in a virtual way, which was a great challenge that was met and carried out successfully with the effort of the two sponsoring institutions, school districts, teachers and, above all, the sixty participants.

The teachers were accompanied by the foundation’s technical team with the aim of improving the quality of teaching in the literary field based on the following themes: poetry, theatre, essay, novel and short story, so that the classrooms are positively influenced by creativity of students and teachers. During the development of the course, the teachers were able to apply what they had learned to each of the students while giving their classes virtually. They asked their students to perform poems and plays as teaching practices for the course, encouraging their interest in literature.

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Award-winning intellectuals as facilitators

“The pandemic situation forced us to continue the course with the same efficiency with which we had started in a face-to-face way. We had to adapt to the situation presented by the pandemic by using new technologies in teaching, linked to the new methods of interactive teachers that require direct and constant support to be able to closely observe the results. Thanks to the good attitude of each of the teachers, our Inafocam liaison officer Mrs. Arelis Manzueta, our operational technical manager, Jenny Acosta and Rafaelina Acosta, we achieved the goal, exceeding our own expectations”, said Morrison.

The workshop was closed with the words of Rosa Orquídea Campusano representing the director of Inafocam Andrés de las Mercedes and Mateo Morrison, president of the institution that sponsored the event.

The facilitators of this important day were intellectuals who have received various distinctions at national and international level : Ángela Hernández, Pedro Antonio Valdez, Jaime Manuel Sierra, Mateo Morrison, César Sánchez Beras, Teófilo Terrero, Ramón Saba, Ysabel Florentino and Ramón Mesa.

The workshop-course was organized in coordination with the Regional de Educación no.15 and sixty teachers from the areas of Spanish Language, Social Sciences and Arts Education.

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