Carnival of Guadeloupe 2022: Once again, the “skin groups” have displayed all their artistic talent

Photo: Alain Mozar

The great lesson of this 2022 edition of the Guadeloupe Carnival is that, despite the two weeks that the revellers had to prepare, they still offered quality parades to the public. The members of the “skin groups” or “gwoup a po” (in Creole) who usually perform every Sunday in the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre, showed their ability to adapt to this covidianity. Themes, colors, songs, dances, rhythms where the drum, the conch, the siyak among others, wanted to cry out the sufferings of the revellers to have not been able to express themselves in the streets but also the sufferings of the Guadeloupeans who lost one or more members of their family during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Kariculture presents you superb photographs of this great cultural event taken by Alain Mozar, from the Kolektif Mas Kiltirèl (KMK), the association that brings together almost all the “skin groups” of the archipelago.