Luis Del Valle moves forward in Dominican and Spanish films

The outstanding Dominican actor Luis Del Valle, who has been successful in different Spanish productions such as “Vis a Vis”, “Aida” or “La que se avecina”, returns to work on a Dominican film, this time co-produced with Spain.

Del Valle said that he will share scenes with Macarena Gómez from “La que se avecina”, “Sagrada familia”, “Musarañas”; actor Carlos Bardem “Celda 2011”, “El señor de los cielos”; Amaia Salamanca “Sin tetas no hay paraíso” and “Gran Hotel”, with Pedro Casablanc, Ramón Emilio Candelario and Stephany Liriano.

“It’s a gift of life to be under the direction of those who were my teachers Esteban Roel and Juanfer Andrés, from the Madrid Film Institute. This is a great film and I am very happy to work with this wonderful cast and crew”, said the professional actor.

Dominican actor, who continues to reap success abroad, is part of the talent portfolio of the Casting Factory agency, led by Desirée Álvarez.

Luis Del Valle is also known for being an acting coach in film, commercial and video projects. In addition, he organizes private acting coach sessions with actors preparing their auditions or scenes for films and series.

He reports that the film has as director of photography the outstanding Dominican Oliver Mota, with production design by Lorelei Sanz and Natalia Aponte as costume director. The film is also produced by Fernando Santos Díaz (Cocote y Liborio) and Rafael García Albizu (Una película sobre parejas), with executive production by Omar Hasbún and Agustín Lama.

Luis Del Valle .-

Film career

Luis del Valle has been known for his performance as Fray Antonio de Montesinos in “Santo Domingo” and his roles in “El país de las últimas cosas”, “Una fiesta inolvidable”, “Que Dios nos perdone” and the science fiction film “Ovni”, with which he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the “Madrid International Film Festival” in 2017.