Urban artist Tony Man Yow promotes his new music

Urban artist Tony Man Yow continues to promote his latest single, “Fronteando Como Maleantes”, together with his colleague Musicologo El Libro.

This collaboration is not the only one with which the artist is played on radio stations and digital platforms, since he also has the songs “Dando La Para” and “Teny y Ropa Cara”.

“I feel very happy with all the support I am receiving in my career, both from the audience and from my colleagues who have helped me”, said the singer.

Josias Reyes Calvo, the young Puerto Plata native’s real name, is already preparing what will be his next musical hit.

Tony Man Yow has compiled part of his songs in an EP entitled “Dando La Para”. According to the artist, his proposal is here to stay, because he has the talent and charisma to stay in the competitive urban industry.

In a short time, he has already achieved notoriety and the respect of both old school exponents and new school colleagues, thanks to the success of songs like “Te tengo transiao”, with Pablo Piddy and “Fronteando como maleantes”, which he recorded with Musicologo El Libro, the latter of which has more than 200,000 views on YouTube in just a few months.

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