Jandy Ventura El Legado and Conjunto Quisqueya announce concert “La Tradición Navideña”

Conjunto Quisqueya

As a way of formally welcoming the Christmas holiday season, the iconic group Conjunto Quisqueya and Jandy Ventura “El Legado” will perform on Monday, November 28 at the epicenter of nightlife Jet Set Club. Both musical projects promise a special night to enjoy the great musical repertoire that keeps the Christmas season alive every year.

Conjunto Quisqueya, who for five decades has brought joy to the Dominican people through merengue, as well as Jandy with the Legado (Legacy) of Johnny Ventura, offer a repertoire of songs that permeate the feeling and spirit of these holidays each year-end.

Ventura extended an invitation to all the public to receive Christmas to the rhythm of songs that recall the most expected time of the year for all Dominicans. “It is a night in which we guarantee to make those who accompany us dance to start with joy the Easter season in the style that characterizes us”, said the artist.

Among the emblematic songs are “Bebo hoy, bebo mañana”, “Trulla Navideña”, “Parranda Quisqueya”. While on Jandy’s side some of them are: “Salsa Pa tu lechón”, “Esta Navidad”, “El Vecino”, “Ley Seca”, among other songs written by the legendary and deceased merenguero Johnny Ventura.

The festive stage will serve to close the month of the native musical genre of the Dominicans, after commemorating the National Merengue Day on November 26 and officially welcoming Christmas. Tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets, CCN, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo.

Jandy Ventura
Jandy Ventura