Music Mafia RD presented the first workshop on monetization of music

Music Mafia RD has been constant in the exercise of communicating to the community of independent artists, through its social networks, YouTube and Podcast, especially it has become the defender of new talents, who lack opportunities. This is why it is once again embarking on an educational project, but this time face-to-face, where talents will be able to understand and learn about how they can make money with their music.

According to Mauricio Fabián, founder of Music Mafia RD, there are many talents who have started their artistic career without being organised and this then ends up being a unfavorable factor against them. “Would you build a building without a foundation”, asked M. Fabián. “Well, no! That’s how many people are starting their careers, and without the fundamentals!”, he said.

The first course, entitled “How To Make Money With Your Music”, is the first in a series that aims to make artists more independent and enable them to succeed in their careers. The course promises to teach the fundamentals such as : copyright, how to protect it and what documents you need to do so? What royalties are available, where and how to collect them? The explaination of the structure of the company and the origin of the money. The ins and outs of publishers, distributors and record companies. And how to sell your music for films, television, commercials and video games?

The first course was given in two locations for convenience : at Pyhex in the Eastern Zone on Friday, September 3, and at Pyhex in the National District on Saturday, September 4, 2021. For more information, you can establish direct communication with the company via its social networks.

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Mauricio Fabián, founder of Music Mafia RD