Experience 7 and Zouk Machine percussionist Jules Houllier is a new victim of Covid-19

Jules Houllier - Photo: Christiane Obydol's Facebook page
Expérience 7
Album by the band Expérience 7 in 1985

“I regret to announce the death of my brother Jules Houllier who died of Covid-19. Percussionist of the group Expérience 7 and Zouk Machine at the time. A good person, passionate, sensitive, and endearing. I can’t believe it… May your soul rest in peace for eternity Tchulss, my Tchulss, as I liked to call you… Your little sister who loves you… I will miss you! And I will never forget you. Christiane Obydol”.

It was with these simple and tender words, posted on her Facebook page on September 5, that the singer told us about the death of Jules Houllier due to Covid-19. The pandemic continues to take lives and break up families across the planet, especially in Guadeloupe and in the artistic community.

Among the people who have given their support to the artist who lives in France there is the singer Dominique Zorobabel, now living in Martinique and member of the band Zouk Machine for twenty years (1986-2006). “My sincere condolences to you and all your family, my Krys…. Difficult to accept… Julo was a very nice man as you describe him… May God strengthen you through this ordeal…Fós Domi”, she replied.

Jules Houllier died at the age of 62. He was less well known than his older brother Guy Houllier – composer, with Yves Honoré, of almost all the hits of the two famous Guadeloupean bands – but “Tchulss”, as Christiane called him, was always there to provide the best percussion and sometimes to sing backup for studio recordings and the many concerts given around the world.

Zouk Machine
(From left to right) Christiane Obydol, Jane Forstin and Dominique Zorobabel