Max Mona, the son of the great Eugène Mona, sings”Antidote”

Photo: Gary Baron

Combining rhythms of contemporary music with traditional West Indian sounds, Max Mona explores the theme of true love with “Antidote”.


Martinican singer and musician, Max Mona, released a new single entitled “Antidote” on July 16. The lyrics are by Loïc Emboulé and the music by Samuel Stanislas and it is certain that the two worked together with the artist so that this song reflects the music he likes as well as his thoughts.

The result is more than successful : the love of a man for a woman is sung in Creole with Max Mona’s beautiful voice like a poem and the refrain sums it all up: “Lè nou ansanm, yo pa ka konpwann, Lè nou ansanm” (when we are together, they don’t understand, when we are together).

As for the music, it swing well by mixing modern and traditional sounds played with the flute and the drum, Max Mona’s favourite instruments.

The video clip accompanying the single was released at the same time. It features a man (Max Mona) and a woman with the grandiose nature of the island of Martinique as the only setting. It is directed by Yanishi and produced by Q-Mix.

Judging by the comments left by fans on the artist’s Youtube channel, “Antidote” is a song that pleases and deserves to reach the top of the charts.

The worthy heir of Eugène Mona

Max Mona is the worthy heir of his father, the famous singer and flautist Eugène Mona, and he also has talent. “Urban Roots” is the music he offers to the public while remaining strongly influenced by his father’s music. He describes it as “a carefully crafted music, the creative fusion of traditional rhythms and percussion of Bèlè music, combined with the aesthetics and sounds of urban and contemporary music”. A music where the ti-bwa, the flute des Mornes, the bèlè drum cohabit with the bass and the keydoard.

Produced by Chabine Prod, Max Mona’s first album, “Vérité”, was released in October 2017. It was an original project in which the artist wanted to bring out his authenticity. “In the spirit of traditional and ancestral sounds”, the artist “brings in his urban and current influences through rock, blues and dance-hall aesthetics. A real musical journey with conscious messages!”. We remember the tracks “Otantik” and “MadMax” which allowed the public to discover this artist with a powerful voice.

In June 2020, Max Mona released the single “Enpékab” from his new EP he decided to produce in collaboration with the label Q-Mix. One year later, he offers us “Antidote”, a single available on all download platforms.