Linda Rose’s song “Del mismo cielo” represents Central America and the Caribbean

At the age of thirteen, Linda Rose composed and recorded her first song.

The regional competition “Una Cancion para Centroamerica y República dominicana” (A song for Central America and the Dominican Republic) was organized by Central American Integration Secretariat (SICA) with the support of the European Union.

Certificado Conferencia SICA

The young Linda Rose has a great future ahead of her in music, as evidenced by the fact that she recently won first place as the composer of the song entitled “Del mismo cielo” (From the same sky) and produced by “HDP Music” that will represent Central America and the Caribbean. The contest was organized by the Central American Integration Secretariat (SICA) with the support of the European Union, which will place the song in each of the countries that make up Central America, including the Dominican Republic.

Rosa Linda, Linda Rose’s real name, works her career independently, she is promoting the song “Tu Pumpum” on local radio and digital platforms. This is a new version of the original song, performed by Panamanian legend “El General”. This work is part of her first studio album called “Decepción” where she merges different musical genres.

Linda Rose is a singer and composer from La Playa, a small village in the province of Barahona. Since she was a young child she fell in love with music and at the age of thirteen she composed and recorded her first song. Then, years later she became popular in the Deep South thanks to the song “No me enamoro” which was seen many times on YouTube.

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This Barahona native has performed in talent shows, patronal feasts and social events where she has gained experience in stage management and other skills. Her love for music was born thanks to the late singer Selena, internationally she admires reggaeton singer Ivy Queen and locally rapper Melymel.

Rosa Linda is the daughter of a teacher and an agronomist, the only girl of a sibling of three children. Since she was a child, she went to church where she learned to sing, then picked up a guitar, locked herself in a room and learned to play, she told us with a big smile. As a teenager, she fell in love with urban music, and now she dedicates herself to this genre, composing and performing her own music.

Find her as @LindaRoseMusic on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok and Twitter.

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