Ismael Mundaray and Hébert Édau show their works at the Fondation Clément

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From April 26 to June 18, 2024, the Fondation Clément – a cultural space located in the town of Le François, Martinique – is hosting two new exhibitions.

Ismael Mundaray, Arbre de vie, 2018

“Tierra Madre” (Mother Earth) is the name of the exhibition proposed by Ismael Mundaray, born in Venezuela. “Tierra Madre” refers here to the Venezuelan Amazon, in its metaphorical dimension of fertility, spiritual presence and natural presence. It is not only the environment, the living place of Amerindian peoples, the ecosphere of those who inhabit it, it is also the place from which the sacred myths and legends of the Amerindian peoples are enunciated, the Great Talk that gives a seat to everyone’s word”, says exhibition curator Alexandre Alaric.
The public will be able to meet the artist and the curator on Sunday April 28 from 10:00 am during a free guided tour (no reservations required).

Hébert Edau 1C
Hébert Édau, Accommodez-vous du paysage 2, 2024 (C)Adagp, Paris, 2024

The other exhibition is entitled “Paysages Immergés” by painter Hébert Édau who comes from Guadeloupe. “(…) These submerged landscapes are not a missing chapter in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; they are above all present in the daily lives and representations, in everyday objects, in everyday space, in homes, in ways of living, in gardens at last, of African-Americans who survived the slave trade (…). These landscapes are imbued with the memory and traces of this event, the “sinking of a sinking” of humanity. They try to represent the unrepresentable: the Unconscious of the survivors”, explains the exhibition curator, Alexandre Alaric.

Both exhibitions can be viewed free of charge every day for almost two months.