Micheline Souprayen presents a work on the image with “La course folle des petits reptiles”

From October 14 to 29, Guadeloupean painter Micheline Souprayen invites the public to her solo exhibition entitled “La course folle des petits reptiles” (The crazy race of small reptiles) which will take place at the Fort Fleur d’Épée in Le Gosier.

About twenty paintings make up this exhibition which proposes a work on the image. “Not the representation of a landscape, a setting, a human figure to tell a story, a narrative, but images of images (from fixed or moving sources), multiple small, broken, fragmented, combined stories (…) What counts in this work on the image by the technique of drawing and painting, is the approach of “doing” that leads the artist, from the intention of “doing” to the realization of this intention : the image”, says Micheline Souprayen.

Regarding the title – “La course folle des petits reptiles” which is also the name of a painting – the artist explains that it is “a metaphor of the inner movement of the thought which runs under the impulse of the irresistible desire to “make” visible a thought in the making, an image (…)”.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Concept Art.

Micheline Souprayen 2