“Lenis Garcia. Opinions” program celebrates its third anniversary

Political scientist and professor, Lenis García Guzmán, who presents the program “Lenis García. Opinions”

The programme is broadcast every Sunday by RRN in the Dominican Republic.

Lennis Garcia 2

Reinforced and grateful, Lenis García Guzmán celebrates her three years on the air with her television proposal “Lenis García. Opinions”, a programme in which, every Sunday, she presents a first content on RRN channel 27 at 6:00 pm.

The lawyer and communicator underlined that, for this new year, apart from new scenery, will soon release another segment that adds to “The 5 or more”, “The global”, “I want to know” and “Expert opinion”.

“Our proposal has been growing for 3 years, undoubtedly, with a great team of professionals led by the producer Misael Rincón. The programme kept quality, always by providing a content where respect for the public is the most important. More than 150 national and foreign personalities, specialists and public officials, collaborators and figures of art came to our programme”, said Lenis who is also political scientist and professor.

Interviews, investigations, analysis and opinions are part of the content of “Lenis García. Opinions”, that presents García Guzmán.

Lenis, who also appears on Tuesdays in the segment “It’s your turn to speak” in Telenoticias, channel 11, underlined that on the occasion of this anniversary will be making special deliveries that will be unveiled by the social networks of the programme.

García said that the success of her programme was a joint effort where her production team, the audience, collaborators and sponsors were a fundamental part.

“Our commitment is to continue to bring good content to the public and improve ourselves in each delivery, demonstrating that, despite the media crisis, young people can do something different committed to respect”, he said.

Lennis Garcia 3