“Bachata con aroma de mujer”, an album that unites great Dominican artists

Milly Quezada, Miriam Cruz, Judy Santos, Pirou Pérez, Sabrina Estepan, Techy Fatule, Clara, Lady Laura La Morena del Swing, Yammy and Rose Mateo, are the artists that make up the album “Bachata con aroma de mujer, Vol. 1” (Bachata with women aroma) which is a tribute to bachata and the female proposal of the genre, in order to exalt women and their role in tropical music.

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Since October 8, 2022, the album has been released worldwide with the idea and under the label of La Oreja Media Group, which decided to bring together important Dominican performers in tribute to the role of women in one of the genres that most represent the Dominicans.

“Bachata con aroma de mujer, Vol. 1” manages to link singers of vast musical career with new female exponents, as a journey through the most emblematic bachatas of all time, and new compositions presented for the first time in this production.

The first single that stands out as a promotional focus of this discographic work is “Yo te quiero”, performed by Judy Santos, who is well-known for her impeccable voice and her presence alongside Romeo Santos in Aventura’s hit “Obsesión”.

“Yo te quiero”, a song also co-written by Judy, tells of a love that despite lies and deceptions remains latent and faithful to that loved one. “Yo Te Quiero” is produced by bachata artist José Eugenio Torres, better known as “Eunel”, who also participated in the authorship with Marilyn Jiménez.

The songs making up the album are: “Quiero” (Milly Quezada), “Yo te quiero” (Judy Santos), “Veneno” (Clara), “Pude” (Lady Laura La Morena Del Swing), “Las pequeñas cosas” (Miriam Cruz), “Pena” (Pirou), “No ha pasado nada” (Sabrina Estepan), “Mi talon de Aquiles” (Rose Mateo), “Fuiste un error” (Yammy) and “Tu me quieres más” (Techy Fatule).