Maïka Radjouki presents the children’s cookbook, “Nounoune et Maiss en Cuisine”

If you like to cook with your child or if you like to cook for children, Maïka Radjouki has written the book you need and it has just been published by The Flamboyant Agency.

Its title : Nounoune et Maiss en Cuisine. Passionate about cooking, the author has written a 76-page book in A5 format with spirals (so easy to leaf through) which features Nounoune who is a big eater and his mother Maïss preparing, thanks to a lot of imagination, twenty recipes based on giraumon (squash) within the reach of all.

This book is a new step in the professional life of the Guadeloupean who also creates content on social networks.

Indeed, Maïka Radjouki has transformed her passion for cooking into a business project by developing the “Maiss Cuisine” brand. Thus, in an intimate space located in the city of Les Abymes, the young woman offers cooking workshops to the public and she presents her original recipes made with local products that she shows during private events. “I grew up watching my mother’s “komès” recipes, she used to make delicious dishes with what she was at hand”, she said.

The book Nounoune and Maiss en Cuisine is sold at the price of 20 euros.

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