An art market with 40 artists opened its doors at the Fondation Clément

From April 1 to May 31, the Fondation Clément located at the Habitation Clément in the town of Le François in Martinique is organizing a large collective exhibition with the participation of 40 artists (painters, plastic artists, sculptors…) from Martinique and Guadeloupe namely : Thierry Alet, Victor Anicet, Alain Aumis, Christian Bertin, Julie Bessard, Ernest Breleur, Hector Charpentier, Chantal Charron, Ronald Cyrille, Patricia Donatien, Alain Dumbardon, Hébert Édau, Fred Eucharis, Marie Gauthier, Samuel Gélas, Goodÿ, Habdaphaï, Hamid, Jean-Marc Hunt, Valérie John, Alain Joséphine, Brice Lautric, Stonko Lewest, Thierry Lima, René Louise, Robert Manscour, Maure, Raymond Médélice, Christophe Mert, Mounia Orosemane, Antoine Nabajoth, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, Bruno Pédurand, Martine Porry, Michel Rovelas, Richard-Viktor Sainsily Cayol, Luz Severino, Karine Taïlamé, Laurent Valère and Dora Vital.

Karine Taïlamé 1
Karine Taïlamé, “HMS Diamond rock”

The institution says it is “aware of the difficulties that the art world is going through with a pandemic that persists” and wants to support artists by organizing what it calls an “art market”. “The Fondation Clément wants to highlight the artistic work created in our regions and to allow direct contact between art lovers and collectors with the 40 artists participating in this market”, it adds.

Art lovers and novices can have free access to this major exhibition and sale, every day from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (last entry 5:00 pm). The “health pass” will be compulsory for people over 12 years old until April 9.

Dora Vital 1
Dora Vital, “Les beaux jours I”