Miriam Cruz ends her tour in Colombia with resounding success

Miriam Cruz spent two weeks touring the land of the coffee, where she developed an agenda full of shows and meetings with the press.

The starting point was Barranquilla, where the warmth of the city was combined with the warm welcome of the media and the public of Barranquilla who gathered at Trucupey, where a sold-out show was organized for the celebration of the carnival festivities.

Subsequently, she was invited to be part of the line-up of star artists of the “Festival de Orquestas” of the famous “Carnaval de Barranquilla” at the “Romelio Martínez” stadium, where her performance was one of the most applauded.

During her visit to both cities, dozens of fans approached her to take pictures and please her with various details. Once again, the “Diva del Merengue” makes feel the strength of the musical genre in foreign countries, where her image is a symbol of the Dominican identity.

La Diva del Merengue completed her tour in Colombia with resounding success on the night of Saturday, April 2 in the concert “Viva el Merengue”.

More than 20,000 people gathered at the Colosso de Corferias in the capital, Bogota, to attend the show. There were long and endless queues for more than 4 hours to enter the venue.

The “Diva of America” as her fans calls her delighted the audience with the rhythm of the classic “Ta pillao”, a song with which she burst onto the stage, making the audience vibrate.

“Las pequeñas cosas”, “La media María”, “Sukaina” and her most recent hit “Tú ganas” set the tone for a majestic night where the audience followed Cruz amidst screams and prolonged and hearty applause.

“Our merengue has traveled around the world, but one day it decided to stay in Colombia and I thank you because you gave it a roof and shelter in your heart. God bless Colombia!” said Miriam Cruz, visibly moved, and she got a round of applause that made the capital’s colossus resound.

Without a doubt, it was a show where merengue shone in all its splendor with its most important figures to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Danny Marín, the main promoter of the musical genre in Colombia.