Datcha Dollar’z, the rude boy, is back with “Quick”

Guadeloupean singer and producer, Datcha Dollar’z, has just released a single called “Quick” with its video. The 31-year-old artist has been in the world of urban music for twenty years.

Datcha Dollar'z 1

The sexy woman is the main subject of this new single entitled “Quick” and sung in a mix of lyrics in Creole and English. With its dance hall sound, it promises to inflame the dance floors in Guadeloupe and elsewhere. As for the temperature in this video, it is, as one can imagine it, rather high… Datcha Dollar’z describes its music as therapeutic. His lyrics and his image which are sometimes trashy and hardcore expresses, he said, a part of his personality. And, he sees himself as “an impersonal artist, whom we know without really knowing”.

Now 31, the young man who is nicknamed the “rude boy” entered the artistic world writing his first texts when he was only 11 years old. Two years later, when he was in secondary school, he recorded his first song after attending singing lessons led by Dominique Pierre Jean, one of the leaders of the Wu Tang Park Grand Camp Massif, a famous band from the Guadeloupean underground scene ; some members will become mentors for the young artist.

Datcha Dollar'z 3

The love for the stage

In the early 2000s, when he arrived at high school, he met several young urban artists like him, including : Young Chang Mc en classe, whom he considered “one of the most talented people, an extraterrestrial of music”, Silverman, Drex, Warped etc. Thanks to this creative energy, Datcha Dollar’z founded G.I Youth with some colleagues among them Genow and Pon2Mik. Other artistic experiences will follow in 2006 when he joined the Bling That School alongside Larose, Lil Low, Pon2Mik and Genow following his meeting with Dawa and Toshman, the two initiators of this project.

In 2007, the 19-year-old boy enrolled in the university to become a lawyer. That same year, his track “Fourrière” on the mixtape “Konèt Lari 2” by J2MO was a hit and he started to perform on stage. He liked very much this contact with the audience and he said : “On stage, I feel alive. In 2008, he left the university and, for two years, he prepared a Higher Technical Certificate (HTC) in international trade.

In 2010, through his manager, Datcha Dollar’z met the well-known Guadeloupean artist and producer Krys who decided to produce, the following year, the song “Piñacolada” written in 2008.

Datcha Dollar'z 4

Artist and entrepreneur

For four years (from 2010 to 2014), he will be one of the artists of the Step Out label where were artists such as Kalash, Misié Sadik, Xman and Colonel Reyel. During this period, he released the song “7e ciel” which will become the 3rd Guadeloupean video to exceed one million views on Youtube. The urban artist who enjoys being in the presence of his audience will be on mythical stages in Paris like Bataclan and Le Zénith where he will sing during the first part of the Jamaican artist, Capleton. He will also perform on other stages in France, Germany, Belgium, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana.

In 2014, he became his independence and launched his own label called Art Money Group on which we find the artists Silverman and Warped. Other local artists collaborated with his label including Drex for whom he co-produced his mixtape “Red Life 2” which promoted him with the song “Tout bitin ok” and rapper Pon2Mik he produced and managed for a year, with his famous track “Cocaina”. His first big hit as a producer was “Si Maman si” by Warped and Drex and, a month later, “2 Ti Mo” by Warped will also be a hit.

Today, artist and entrepreneur Datcha Dollar’z says he trusts his intuition and view. He wants to create a real movement that will allow local artists to express themselves and earn their living.