40th anniversary of Kassav’: fans were satisfied in Guadeloupe and Martinique

After filing the Stade de France for its 30 years in 2009, Kassav’ also filled the Arena de Nanterre in the Paris region for its 40 years in 2019. Immediately after this new record, the mythical zouk band performed in Guadeloupe on May 25 and Martinique on June 1 and 2, two lands that constitute the essence of its inspiration. Kariculture.net offers you some beautiful photos of the concert given by Kassav’ in Capesterre Belle-Eau (Guadeloupe) which was identical to the one that took place in Nanterre (France) and Le François (Martinique).

Concert 40 ans de Kassav 4

As announced, on Saturday May 25, some 5 000 people attended at the municipal stadium in the town of Capesterre Belle-Eau the unique concert given by Kassav’ in Guadeloupe to celebrate its 40 years of existence. In the first part of the show, the audience enjoyed performances by various artists gathered in “Le Grand Méchant Zouk”, this musical concept created by Jacob Desvarieux, more than 20 years ago. In the second part, the members who belong to the mythical zouk band from the earliest years of its creation – guitarist and singer Jacob Desvarieux, bass guitarist Georges Décimus and dancer Marie-Josée Gibon from Guadeloupe as well as singer Jean-Philippe Marthély and singer Jocelyne Béroard from Martinique – and the other musicians and choristers came on stage to perform various new and old compositions.

The fans spared a thought for two members of Kassav’ who were part of the adventure from the start : singer and guitarist Patrick Saint-Éloi nicknamed the “King of Zouk Love” who died in 2010 and percussionist César Durcin who died in 2016, both from Guadeloupe. In addition, it must be noted that even if Pierre-Édouard Décimus stepped back from Kassav’ a few years ago, as a creator of the band with Jacob Desvarieux in 1979, he participated in the press conference that was held on Thursday, May 24 in a shopping mall in Les Abymes. During the day, the sky was overcast and sometimes rainy but, in the evening, Kassav’ members and the crowd could celebrate with music, song and dance this 40th anniversary.

The following week, the Caribbean band that invented zouk music was scheduled in Martinique. Because of the bad weather, the concert planned on Friday May 31 in the Appaloos’Arena in the town of Le François was cancelled and postponed until Sunday June 2. People had to wait 10:00 am to know if the second concert planned at 7:00 pm at the same place on Saturday June 1 could take place. The performance finally took place in front of more than 5 000 spectators of all ages who did not forget to equip themselves with raincoats, umbrellas, boots, hats in case of rain. As in Guadeloupe, fans sang along the hits of the band to celebrate this historic moment. Kassav’ will continue its tour to spread the word of zouk throughout the world…