The Rémi Nainsouta Cultural Centre hosted the 11th FIZ art exhibition

Unfortunately, although the artistic event took place from July 26 to 31 in Pointe-à-Pitre, it will not take place from August 7 to 15 at the Sainte-Anne Cultural Centre. It has just been postponed to a later date due to the deterioration of the health situation in the archipelago.

Expo FIZ 2021 -003
Guadeloupean painter, Lucien Léogane

As planned, the 11th edition of the Guadeloupe International Zouk Festival (FIZ) art exhibition, entitled “Resilience”, held at the Rémi Nainsouta Cultural Centre in Pointe-à-Pitre on Monday 26 July. Kariculture was there to bring you some pictures of this beautiful exhibition even if, this year, because of the health situation, there were less exhibiting artists.

The very large Édouard Chartol room, located on the first floor of the building, housed the original and magnificent works by 9 painters (Nicole Ageneau, Patricia BarchantRenée Hardial, Lucien LéoganePatricia Martial, Patricia LolliaRose-Marie PascottoPatrice Régis et Élisabeth Tharsis-Mugnier) and by 8 sculptors (Jacky Poulier (also “guest of honour” of the exhibition), Pierre BonneauMarcella MattoneChristelle Jeanlys, Annie SigiscarKatia GonzalezRoselyne Bandou et Nicole Favières-Bourguignon). If some of them participated for the first time in this cultural event, others are regulars…

Expo FIZ 2021 -40
A work by Guadeloupean sculptor, Jacky Poulier

An association of ceramists

As for the Louis Beauperthuy room, located on the ground floor, it presented about fifty photographs taken by Jacques Bernard. The majority of them are zouk singers and musicians from Guadeloupe and Martinique, which will delight fans of this music which has been celebrated by this festival for 14 years now.

Another space on the ground floor, previously reserved for a library rather focused on the Caribbean and a reading area, was occupied by the young association “Té et Difé” which brings together ceramists including clay sculptors from the archipelago. It was an opportunity for its members to show visitors all their know-how and creativeness. Many pieces of different sizes were exhibited : cups, pots, vases, bowls, plates, jugs, figurines etc. During this exhibition, “Té et Difé” also led workshops on fire arts.

On Saturday 31, the last day of the exhibition in Pointe-à-Pitre, the 19 exhibiting artists were present at the Rémi Nainsouta Cultural Centre to meet the public ; planned between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, these meetings ended later…

Expo FIZ 2021 -64
Works by the association “Té et Difé”

Postponement of the exhibition in Sainte-Anne

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic that is affecting the world, nowadays nothing is certain, last minute changes can disrupt cultural events planned well in advance. Thus, the prefectural authorities of Guadeloupe have just placed the archipelago under a three-week lockdown starting on Wednesday, August 4. The major FIZ exhibition which was also due to be held at the Sainte-Anne Cultural Centre from August 7 to 15 with the same artists was therefore postponed to a later date by the organizers, “according to the evolution of the health situation in Guadeloupe”, they said.

All these works are for sale, artists are going through a very complicated period and absolutely need to be helped. So do not hesitate to visit this great art exhibition once a new date has been set or to contact the organization of the Festival International du Zouk de Guadeloupe. (Tel: 0690 305219)