57: an exhibition and a book to save lives

It is difficult to say that the exhibition “57” – which takes place from September 25 to 30, 2017 at the Pavillon de la Ville in Pointe-à-Pitre – is magnificent because the problem it addresses is serious and sad. Indeed, in 2016, 57 people lost their lives on the roads of Guadeloupe. Among these victims was the young racing cyclist, Waren Errin (22-year-old), who was hit by a car when he was going to complete a formality at the Baie-Mahault velodrome in order to participate in the International Cycle Race of Guadeloupe.

The “Waren Errin” association, chaired by his brother Grégory Errin who is also a racing cyclist, was created to raise awareness among public authorities and users for the dangers of the road.

The law firm Coppet and the association “Artway” decided to build the project 57 consisting of an exhibition and a book dedicated to the late Waren Errin. So, 42 artists produced 57 works in memory of the young sportsman and all the people killed on our roads. These are accompanied by 57 testimonies collected by journalist Vinciane Fiorentini-Michel for seven months in all the sectors of Guadeloupean society.

The book entitled “57” is also for sale, the profits will be used to finance the awareness-raising actions of the association “Waren Errin”.

In addition, many people would like that this artistic and educational event stays longer at the Pavillon de la Ville

The artists: Alfrédus – Céline Bernabé – Christel Boutefeu – Françoise Charrol – Céline Chat – Bruno Coiffard – Ronald Cyrille – Daniel Dabriou – Laurent de Bompuis – Samuel Gélas – Laure G. – Gwenb – Diane Hugé – Jean-Marc Hunt – Jérôme Jean-Charles – Alain Joséphine – Bruno Kancel – Madlis and Pakis – Marish – Mash – Meak – Nicolas Nabajoth – Joël Nankin – Kareine Narcisse – Denis Ninine – Olivié – Piaf – Françoise Piquet – Nicole Réache – S. Méry – Jérôme Sainte-Luce – Marco Scaglioni – So Aguessy – Stan – Steek – Veronique Strauss – Philippe Thomarel – Béliza Troupé – Trafky – Anaïs Verspan – Yeswoo – Zoé