Mariachi Budda on tour with ”La presión es de ustedes USA tours”

Aury Pineda better known as Mariachi Budda

The host is currently touring several cities in the United States with his show.

Mariachi Budda 2

Popularly known as Mariachi Budda, Aury Pineda, had an ascending career that led him to stand out in radio, as well as in entertainment and television. Now, ready to take on new professional challenges, he is bringing the best of his animation show in 10 cities in the United States with ”La presión es de ustedes USA tours” (The pressure is yours USA tours) with which he is touring.

Mariachi, who gained ground as an entertainer of important national and international events, in the first stop of the tour will be performing in Atlanta, Florida, New York, Providence, Boston, Washington, Pennsylvania, among other states.

“I am ready to travel the world bringing joy to my people with my animations. After this first part of the tour, I will do a second stage in June and July, and in the third and final stage, which will be in August, I will be in Europe bringing the culture of our Dominican Republic. I am preparing a communication project, where I will present an animation concept linked to music, in which I have a lot of interaction with the audience in an organic and original way”, he explained.

Another of Budda’s plans is to launch a line of cigars (tobacco), of which he will be giving more details soon.

The host, whose style and infectious phrases also gained popularity and notoriety, celebrates more than a decade of professional career, with the thirst to continue transcending. The animator, whose work can be seen through spaces such as Sin Filtro Radio Show, +Roberto and his digital platforms, said that the upturn and success of his career is due to the authenticity and charisma that always characterised him.

“Thanks to God, every day that passes I am getting better in all the areas in which I can manage. My passion is undoubtedly radio, but along the way I fell in love with communication in all its branches. That is why I am preparing myself to continue distinguish myself in television and as a master of ceremonies, as well as an entertainer of events. I very much appreciate the support that the audience gave me and precisely for this reason that I am trying to do my best”, said the host, who won a Latin Grammy for his participation in the song “Con Altura”, by J Balvin and Rosalía.

Mariachi Budda 3