Danaes impregnates salsa with freshness with the title “Felices los 4”

The young singer made a salsa version of Maluma’s famous song.

Danaes 2

“Felices los 4”, a salsa version with some rhymes in rap, is the name of the song with which young salsa singer Danaes promises to position salsa in the right place where it was some time ago. The single which premieres its video on Monday on several national television channels in Dominican Republic has the arrangements of the maeatro Victor Waill, which is a guaranty of quality.

For two years, the singer has been preparing a innovative, fresh, modern proposal, but especially where quality prevails. We can see this quality of the performance of the title and the audiovisual accompanying it which was made by Sandra Tapia Producciones, under the direction of Nelson Paulino (NP Studios). The video were shot in the Catalonia Hotel, the Palace of Fine Arts and other places in the city of Santo Domingo.

Danaes 3

The theme song is part of his first album which has 12 songs , 11 are ready and have the touch of different arrangers such as : Victor Waill, Henry Jiménez, Juan Valdez, Lorenzo Romero, Victor Noe Cid. “6 AM”, the song with which he became popular, “Eres mi verdad”, “Curiosidad”, are part of the songs that will be on the album.

“I recognize that salsa currently has good representatives who are doing a good job, but we also have to admit that this musical genre does not have the positioning that it had a couple of years ago, so many salseros are no longer broadcast on the radio. That’s why I come with a proposal that, I know, will put back salsa in its right place”, explained the interpreter.

Danaes who was grateful for the support he received from DJs, radio programmers, download pages and his audience, also highlighted the support of his manager Melvin Domínguez, the person responsible for the takeoff of his career.