Eddy Herrera premieres new production entitled “Sombras”

The album is a tribute to Javier Solís.

Eddy Herrera - Sombras 1

After the success of the single “Sombras”, Eddy Herrera premieres a new record production titled with the same name and that sounds like boleros rancheros in a tribute to Javier Solís.

“Sombras” compiles ten of the best hits by Solís, such as Sombras, Sombras, Si Dios me quita la vida, Payaso, Cenizas, He sabido que te amaba, Esclavo y amo, Tú voz, Entrega total, En mi viejo San Juan y El Loco, all these lyrics inspired by love and hatred and that led Javier Solís to be crowned as the King of the Ranger Boleros.

The album was recorded entirely in Mexico under the production of Maestro Jorge Avendaño, recognized for his work with artists such as Placido Domingo, Cristian Castro, Mijares, Amanda Miguel, Ricardo Montaner, among others, and who also participated in the musicalization of famous Mexican soap operas in which highlight “Corazón Salvaje”, “El Privilegio de Amar”, among others the most recent is “Silvia Pinal, frente a tí”, which have earned him great recognition both in the phonographic industry and in television.

Currently, Eddy Herrera is promoting his new musical jewel in Mexico and in June he will be doing the same in the United States.

Eddy Herrera - Sombras 2