“L’Oeuvre en soi” by Michèle Cazanove

"Damour" by Michèle Cazanove

There are only a few hours left to visit Michèle Cazanove’s digital exhibition, entitled “L’Oeuvre en soi” (The Work in Itself).

La Darse (Guadeloupe)

This digital exhibition, entitled “L’Oeuvre en Soi”, consists of 12 paintings made by Michèle Cazanove with computer assistance, during this year. In a long explanation, the former gallery owner defines what she considers “L’Oeuvre en Soi” : “a concept that delivers the work from the identity of the artist and everything connected with it, starting with the Ego that carries the story written by the artist himself, but most often by art critics, journalists, gallery owners, collectors, all those who give “The work in itself” an identity that does not really or necessarily belong to it, and who make it possible to sell a Van Gogh or a Basquiat at prices that have nothing to do with the work in itself”.

There are only a few hours left to discover these works and acquire them, since the exhibition, which began on 27 April, will end on 27 May.

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This exhibition is also an opportunity to focus on Michèle Cazanove’s artistic career. Born in Reunion Island, she left her native land at the age of 18 to study in Paris, then she chose to live in Guadeloupe. She stayed there for five years. Then she moved to New York before settling in Haiti during the time of Jean-Claude Duvalier. She worked in two discotheques, including the famous Hyppopotamus, something she had already done in Guadeloupe. It was on this island, which at the time was well known as “The Pearl of the Antilles”, that she developed her taste for writing and the plastic arts.

The one who created the first art gallery in the Guadeloupean archipelago on her return from Haiti is also a writer whose novels have been published by major French publishing houses. These include: Présumé Solitude” (Julliard), Le printemps de la fée Cassandre” (Édilivre), “La Geste Noire” – book 1 (L’Harmattan), “La Chanson de Dendera” (L’Harmattan) et “La beauté devant moi fasse que je marche” (Édilivre). She is currently writing book 2 and book 3 of “La Geste Noire”.

Michèle Cazanove is also the mother of painter Thierry Alet.

Fort-de-France (Martinique)

L’Oeuvre en Soi – Catalogue des oeuvres