“En Qué Es Qué Tú Ta” Candy Flow’s new song

The song is available on her YouTube channel, all music platforms and tropical radio stations in the country.

Candy Flow continues to bet on her musical career with new rhythms such as Afrobeat and Brazilian Funk, as seen in her new single “En Que Es Que Tú Ta”, available on all music platforms and national radio.

The song “En Que Es Que Tú Ta” has a very high quality audiovisual material and is placed as Candy’s third single, in which she has worked hard to present an anthem that inspires women to feel self-confident and to recognize their virtues in a street language, which had the musical production of Draco Deville, Big Chriss and the distribution of the record label Meta Music.

“With this song I want to send a message of power to my women, where they understand that they just need to feel confident to eat the world and be the plant as the song says”, said the entrepreneur, author of the song along with artists Heidy Brown, Adán Alberto and Draco Deville.

Candy Flow has reached more than 2.2 million followers on the Instagram platform with important participations in national and international films such as “Que León”, “Los Leones”, “No es lo que parece”, among others, proving that she is one of the most established and beloved social media figures of the public.

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