NeoDance presents “Santiago y Buenos Aires” that unites Johnny Ventura ft Néstor Torres

“Santiago y Buenos Aires” is a collaboration between the famous Johnny Ventura and Maestro Néstor Torres to create the effusive fusion of Tango and Merengue, available on all streaming and download platforms, including the official video since Friday, August 27, 2021.

NeoDance is the creation of choreographer, successful entrepreneur and dancer, Alfred Friedman, professionally known as Mr. Dance and acclaimed Latin Grammy winner, Néstor Torres.

Beautifully filmed on locations in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, the stunning choreography displays exquisite visuals presenting a new way of dancing the fluid fusion of the exuberant sensuality of Merengue and the passion of Tango

One of the most memorable collaborations of the project was the contribution of maestro Johnny Ventura who with, his genius, talent and creativity, composed the lyrics based on the mythical battle between Tango and Merengue to conquer the beautiful Milonga.

The arrangements and production belong to the acclaimed Jochy Sánchez, who also participates in the keyboards. NeoDance’s production will be presented in various formats including audio, video and live performances in 2022.

Johnny Ventura

About Neodance Group LLC

NeoDance Group LLC is a content production store dedicated to the development of NeoDance™ properties. NeoDance™ was born from the vision of choreographer Alfred Friedman aka Mr. Dance and the creation that stems from the talents of Flute Master, Nestor Torres. The operation is led by NeoDance™ partner and music industry veteran, Ivan F. Alvarez.