Jah Cure says: “Welcome To Jamaica

Grammy-nominated and Reggae star Jah Cure has penned this beautiful song in honor of Jamaica.

In this time of Covid-19, all countries and especially all Caribbean islands would need songs that praise their qualities and their people.

Jamaican singer, Jah Cure, was able to seize the opportunity to release the track “Welcome to Jamaica” on September 17, which is presented asa sweet ode to the nation that has given popular attractions such as world-class music festivals, top-performing athletes, mouth-watering food, and superstar musicians. (…) From her white-sand beaches to the beat of her music, Jamaica is a land that is loved by all. Between the sunrise and sunset, the vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture makes her magnetism irresistible”.

Grammy-nominated and Reggae star Jah Cure has penned a beautiful song in honor of Jamaica, says: “There is no other place in the world like Jamaica, everyone must go there. They will get a warm welcome”.

Note that the single “Welcome To Jamaica”, which is available on all download platforms, is also part of the Reggae Gold 2021 collection, also released by the VP Records label.