Francisco N. Yan, an artist who expresses his feelings in painting

Dominican painter Francisco N. Yan will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important auctions in New York, at the end of 2021

Kariculture spoke with Dominican painter Francisco N. Yan about his exhibition entitled “Transición” (Transition) held in New York last December.

Francisco N. Yan 2

At the age of 12, Francisco N. Yan discovered his love for painting, as he tells us, expressing sadness, joy or any kind of emotion through art, served as an outlet and an escape that later will also become a fruitful profession.

Since he was a child, he painted as an autodidact until he met a workshop where professional artists were present and he started with them to learn how to paint and to master certain techniques in a professional way.

Then he entered the National School of Visual Arts by already knowing how to paint to strengthen, learn and perfect his techniques. While he was at the art school of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, at the same time he studied at the art school of late master Cándido Bidó, who was one of the most outstanding drawers and sculptors of the Caribbean country.

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A world-famous artist

Born in San Jose de Los Llanos, a Dominican Republic municipality and raised in the districts of Santo Domingo, the country’s capital, Yan says that in addition to painting, after finishing high school, he also studied acting, drawing and sculpture, and graduated from the art school of the Dominican Republic’s air force.

Now a professional artist, the painter shared his art with the whole world and says that among his most outstanding works are “Rapto del razonamiento”, “Parada paralelos” and “Perdido en ti”.

Francisco, who recently presented in New York – where he currently lives – the exhibition “Transición”, told Kariculture that he will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important auctions in the Big Apple, by the end of 2021 and this year he will also hold other exhibitions.

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About his last exhibition : Transición required two years of preparation, using special techniques in acrylic on canvas and mixed technique, to transmit character and personality, “no matter where we come from, no matter if we are white or black, we all have the same red blood colour”, Yan said.

The exhibition was presented at the Jadite1 Galleries in New York City last December.