Tik Tok takes Mark B’s “Tamo loco to'” to Latin America

There is no doubt that Tik Tok has become one of the most important platforms for the international projection of artists, evidenced by the success of the song “Tamo loco to'” by the singer Mark B throughout Latin America.

With more than 1 million hits, the catchy track has been danced by hundreds of tiktokers in different countries, including the popular Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, who joins the list of those who have found in the melody of “Tamo loco to'”, the perfect rhythm to create musical challenges.

Mark B has shown that his songs are created to transcend and not remain a hit of the moment, as he has also done in collaborations such as “Rage Boys” with Musicologo, “Pal de velitas” with El Alfa and “Todo va a estar bien”, with Arcangel.

“We continue to work hard to remain one of the freshest and most quality urban projects, together with the company Alofoke Music Group. For this year we have big projects that you will know about later, in the meantime, we continue to enjoy the harvest of the work done and also focused on my side projects such as the shoe shop among other things”, explained the singer.

Mark B 2