Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe: Dynasti’s, the kompa revelation !

They are seven young men, they are from the island of Terre-de-Bas in the Saintes archipelago located in the south of Guadeloupe and their favourite rhythm is not Jamaican dance hall like the great majority of Guadeloupean young people or Guadeloupean-Martinican zouk but Haitian kompa. All spectators in front of the stage at the Memorial ACTe, this Monday, November 12, at 8:30 pm, were lost in wonder by being at the concert given by the band called “Dynasti’s”.

A short music introduction with lighting effects had been prepared to inform the audience that now it came into a special world. Then, it was “lésé kompa maché”, as the Haitian bands say!

Like professionals, the members of the band played several music tracks without any wrong note. Several times, the singer said that it was music performed by “Dy-nas-ti’s” so, a name to remember and to not be confused…

After a short moment of surprise, the crowd understood that it really was at a concert given by young people but also talented musicians who have no cause to be jealous of famous Haitian bands, like “Carimi” for example. So, it started dancing, singing and screaming… The joy of the audience which likes good music especially kompa was total.

Contrary to what we could think, in spite of their youth, the members of “Dynasti’s” began to play music, seven years ago… Their new single titled “Caribbean” that they performed on stage and is about fraternity between the peoples from our region is available on the Internet.

It is clear that “Dynasti’s” has a successful future. On Tuesday, November 13, it already had to perform on the second stage of the 11th edition of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe on the esplanade of the port in Basse-Terre.

The “Dynasti’s” band is, without a doubt, the music revelation of the cultural part during this sporting event.