Jobs & Musik: the radio for job offers and good music !

From December 3, the Guadeloupe archipelago will have a new radio on the FM band that will broadcast on the 99.4 MHz and on the Net. Its name: “Jobs & Musik”. Its main objective is to offer columns that deal with the whole areas of employment and good local, Caribbean and international music.

More and more, time is becoming a scarce commodity in our society, people want to find quickly precise information so specialized media are ideal solutions. In addition, the Guadeloupe archipelago (the islands of Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante, Désirade, Les Saintes) is hard hit by endemic unemployment because nearly 60,000 people are looking for a job.

Two young entrepreneurs from Marie-Galante, namely Jean-Marie Grenier and Daniel Symphorien, had the brilliant idea to officially launch this Monday, December 3, a radio which is specialized in the dissemination of job offers available on the islands of Guadeloupe, the Caribbean, in France and elsewhere. Its name: “Jobs & Musik”. It will broadcast on the 99.4 Mhz and can also be heard on the Internet,

To do this, “Jobs & Musik” which has the status of community radio, will first work closely with the job centre Pôle Emploi, the local missions temporary employement agencies and training organizations. It will offer columns dealing with all employment fields : jobs, training courses and internships, job offers, local economy, access to employment, working conditions, professional integration, alternation of work, social and solidarity economy.

Newsflashs will be broadcast every hour. Listeners will also hear columns on economics and finance in this new medium.

Moreover, “Jobs & Musik” wants to be a music radio so it will offer all the local, Caribbean, latino and international rhythms, in short very good music and for all tastes…

In view of the large number of job seekers registered in Guadeloupe, this new radio will have a public interest even if the founders of “Jobs & Musik” do not claim to eradicate unemployment.


Jobs & Musik 1C