Eddy Herrera premieres video of the hit “Si yo se lo pido”

The “galán del merengue” premieres the video of his latest hit “Si yo se lo pido”, where Kev Kim, the Korean who gained popularity in the country after his peculiar dance at a Eddy Herrera wedding party went viral, was the special guest for the production of this audiovisual that many were expecting.

Eddy Herrera 2

The video, now available on Eddy’s YouTube channel, was filmed in Santo Domingo and directed by Maiter Valdez, with Bryan Ureña as director of photography.

“Making the video of this merengue is a gift I owed to everyone who enjoyed and made viral the post I shared in that show where Kev danced to this song like no one else. It’s a video created with love, gratitude and I know that people will also enjoy it just as much or more than the first one,” Herrera said.

“Si yo sé lo pido”, written by Martín De León and Eddy himself, has been playing strongly for less than three months throughout the Dominican Republic, as well as in Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and several other countries.

With arrangements by Eddy Herrera and his entire orchestra, the merenguero continues to demonstrate his versatility when it comes to creating good music.

“This song in a short time has stolen people’s heart and in the concerts you can see how people enjoy this merengue made for that, for them to dance and enjoy it”, he added.