Étienne Drapeau, the Canadian who sings bachata and merengue

Quebecer singer Étienne Drapeau is finishing an intense tour through the main Dominican media, winning all with his charisma and his music. He visited the Dominican Republic 5 years ago when he came to shoot a music video in Rio San Juan and he fell in love with it.

Étienne Drapeau 1

13 years of musical career speak about Étienne Drapeau’s work and determination, he brings to the world a musical proposal inspired by love and social events, supported by six albums and more than 70 songs of his authorship.

His hits in French allowed him to make music a sustainable work of international export, by performing in Europe, the United States, Africa and the Dominican Republic. But in March 2018, Étienne released “Fiesta” in Canada, his first album entirely in Spanish which was recorded with musicians from the Dominican Republic, the United States and Canada.

The album was produced by Ricky Campanelli who was nominated for the Latin Grammys, it has 11 songs of which 7 are by Étienne and were great hits in Canada in their original versions. Étienne translated those songs from French into Spanish, to adapt them to the rhythm of bachata and merengue.

On September 23, 2018, Étienne was the first Quebecer to receive a Latin Awards Canada, in recognition of his contribution and integration to Latin music in Canada, and he was also the first Quebecer to be invited to sing at Latin Awards Canada.

An interesting fact: Étienne was a famous professional hockey player and he left everything for music.