Kayden: a new voice is born

Singer Kayden

Aged 21, Noémi Wognin, also known as Kayden, sings three songs on the album titled “Elements of Life” by Soulside Productions. “Fly away” is her first single released last September. Born in Guadeloupe to parents who are artists, the young singer who lives in France goes to study law in San Francisco (United States) very soon because she also wants to become a lawyer specialized in artistic law.

Kayden 2A

Since last September, the video of a song called “Fly away” was viewed almost 70,000 times on Youtube. We discover a young artist who sings in English in a beautiful place where we can see the famous Peak and Gate of the Aval cliff in Étretat near the city of Le Havre (France).

This singer is Kayden, her real name is Noémi Wognin, and she was born in Guadeloupe 21 years ago. In spite of her young age, Kayden always lived in the world of singing and music. In fact, the girl who proudly has a beautiful afro hairstyle (it must be said that it is her real curly hair and not a wig!) is a child who grew up in the arts community. Indeed, Kayden is the daughter of Martinican singer and musician Jerryka Jacques-Gustave who already performed almost everywhere in the world and who was the chief chorister of the French star, Johnny Hallyday, and Ivorian singing star Pedro Wognin who is also a doctor of musicology…

Kayden 4B

3 tracks on the album “Elements of Life”

Kayden started to sing with her parents at private parties at the age of 14. She is now one of Nipa ‘s new voices, the a cappella group founded by her father in 1989. “From the age of 3 and a half, I took piano lessons at the Conservatoire and when I was 16, I had to make a choice between my two hobbies: music and singing. I finally chose singing. I did not take singing lessons but, at that time, I joined a gospel choir, Family One, where I had a vocal coach. I did not completely forget music because I sometimes play piano singing”, said Kayden in a shy voice.

The track “Fly away” appears on the album entitled “Elements of Life”; the four elements of life, water, air, earth and fire, which are, according to the Ancients, at the origin of all the bodies of the universe… Producer and sound engineer Tom Soulside Kayden met in 2015 made contact with her in 2017 to offer her to be among the artists appearing on this RnB, rap and soul album whose release is scheduled for January 2019. Obviously, he liked very much the young artist’s voice because, besides “Fly away”, Kayden sang two other songs: “Night” and “Down for you”.

Kayden 3C

A future lawyer specialized in art law

The two first singles and videos with two other young artists who participated in “Elements of Life” – Shad et Elliot – have already been broadcast on digital platforms. “This is my first solo video but I’ve already acted in other videos as an extra”, said Kayden.

The young singer learns to know all the fields, all the secrets of this profession because she also would like to become a lawyer specialized in art right and she believes that her experience will allow her to better understand the problems of the artists. After spending two years at the Catholic Institute in Paris, in a few days, Kayden will leave France to continue her higher education in the city of San Francisco, California (United States).

However, singing and music will never be very far from her: “singing has always been a way for me to express myself, I wish everyone to find a way to free their mind and be happy”, said Kayden who likes, among others, soul, gospel, RnB, hiphop, Afro-Caribbean music…