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Covid-19: Eddy Herrera calls on fellow artists

20 March 2020

Dominican star who is very well known in Latin America and the United States wants to fight, among other things, against the “Fake news”. Artists have always played an important role when it comes to […]

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Caribbean cultural events swept away by Covid-19

19 March 2020

The dark shadow of Coronavirus/Covid-19 is gradually falling over the whole world. The Caribbean islands do not escape the pandemic. In addition to tourism, culture – the orange economy – is affected by this unprecedented […]

417,619 people came to the International Book Fair held at Fort San Carlos de La Cabaña in Havana.

A literary party arrives in Havana and travels through Cuba

11 March 2020

Havana received another edition of the International Book Fair, this time dedicated to Vietnamese literature and to Cuban writers Ana Cairo and Eugenio Hernández Espinosa. Considered one of the nation’s most popular and important events, the […]